Trading with a heart of gold

Trading has always been a double-edged sword. Doesn’t matter how equipped you are, how diligent your work is and how accurate your predictions go, if a market is stubborn enough it can destroy your effort.

FOMC trade on gold, finaly enter on trend line rebond 🙅🏻‍♂️ 2 hours +100 pip in the bag ✅

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To gain a lot from trading, you must be ready and willing to invest and lose everything in the process. As a high-risk gamble, it is important to never give up, to push through the obstacles and keep on going. What makes trading exciting is the adrenaline you get from the risk. The journey itself knowing the uncertainty and what is at stake at all time.

The best part about it? Beating those unfair odds and going away as the victor, like when David defeated the Goliath. In a similar fashion, thanks to my trading team, we stumbled upon a golden opportunity (pun intended). 


Amsterdam Affiliate Conference – a mix of business and pleasure you don’t want to miss!

The Amsterdam Affiliate Conference in Rai was AMAZING.

Booth babies : why’re they so nice ?

For two days straight I got to meet and exchange ideas and opinions with the Faunus nice CEO Stacey, as well as talk with other experts in the field of trading and SEO (I’ll underline my new friend Maxime, who owns moneyonlinethai trading review site). We all know how faced paced the business environment is, so coming to this conference and hearing other people’s experiences and ideas was a breath of fresh air. The conference consisted of over 40 sessions which covered topics on SEO, marketing, acquisition, regulation and compliance, finance, trading and much more.

One of the topics that got my attention was on cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, taught by Marc Kenigsberg, CEO of Jamworx, Aleksandra Fetisova Project Manager at Dao and Eric Benz, Managing Director at Cryptopay. The talk covered in detail the benefits of bitcoin and potential risks that go with it. As with other sessions I attended, I liked this one because it offered valuable information that would help us make more informed business decision, rather than leave us with more questions. After the event, we all gathered at an organized party where we had a chance to enjoy fine cocktails while continuing to exchange information on trading, trading platforms and more.

Next stop – Berlin Affiliate Conference in November! 


My Last july week : another nice one ;)

This week has really been a long, hectic and tough one. Forex trading is always a tense job, a gamble of some sorts. This week, as always is, we had to make a huge gamble. A gamble that not many forex traders make, betting against the US dollar. But you have to really analyse the market and go with your gut. And that’s exactly what I did, what we did. So when everyone woke up on Friday to a declining dollar, what we at IG woke up to was some huge profit. The dollar, as we had earlier predicted was taking a nosedive.


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Next up, we’re looking at a new higher high on the Australian dollar. Of course, the dollar must get back to its place so we are looking forward to a higher high on the Great Britain Pound/ USD. If this goes the analytics’ way, we are in for yet another huge payday. I just love the Foreign Exchange trade, any day is a payday, you just have to know where to look. Cheers!


Our july party with my Forex Team

Nothing like a party in the Italian capital with my team after killing it in the Foreign Exchange market, is there? In just the past week, I have been able to make profits that have shot above the roof! It is never easy, I must say. However, with the efforts from my amazing trading team and me, we have been able to predict the market and made quite some profit. With the current financial crisis, however, things may go south and profit may be hard to realise. We will cross that bridge when we get there though.


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What I can say for now, bottoms up!