My Last july week : another nice one ;)

This week has really been a long, hectic and tough one. Forex trading is always a tense job, a gamble of some sorts. This week, as always is, we had to make a huge gamble. A gamble that not many forex traders make, betting against the US dollar. But you have to really analyse the market and go with your gut. And that’s exactly what I did, what we did. So when everyone woke up on Friday to a declining dollar, what we at IG woke up to was some huge profit. The dollar, as we had earlier predicted was taking a nosedive.


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Next up, we’re looking at a new higher high on the Australian dollar. Of course, the dollar must get back to its place so we are looking forward to a higher high on the Great Britain Pound/ USD. If this goes the analytics’ way, we are in for yet another huge payday. I just love the Foreign Exchange trade, any day is a payday, you just have to know where to look. Cheers!




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